We prescribe medications using the electronic prescription system (ePrescription).

How does the electronic prescription work?

An electronic prescription is a prescription that the physician prescribes and signs electronically. Electronic prescriptions are saved in the national Prescription Centre maintained by the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela). In connection with receiving the prescription, you will receive a patient instruction sheet. The instruction sheet contains the names and dosing instructions of the prescribed medication. You can collect your prescribed medication from any pharmacy. You must present the patient instruction sheet and Kela card at the pharmacy. You also need your Kela card in order to obtain the health insurance compensation for your medicines.

“Prescriptions can no longer get lost. Even if you do lose the patient instruction sheet, the pharmacist will be able to see the medication prescribed to you from the electronic system.”

Regardless of the location of the clinic you visit, the medical staff can see – with your consent – all medications prescribed to you. This helps to avoid overlapping prescriptions and harmful interactions of medications. Further information on electronic prescriptions is available at You can view your own medical records in the Kanta archive by logging in with your online banking credentials, electronic identity card or the Mobile Certificate.

Renewal of prescriptions

You can make renewal requests for prescriptions that have been prescribed or renewed within the last 16 months via the Kanta archive or a pharmacy. We renew your prescriptions in our health centres within 8 working days. You can also request the renewal of your prescription via telephone appointment booking or a nurse’s appointment.