Register as a customer

We welcome you as our customer!

Anyone living in Finland can register as our customer regardless of their home municipality and get access to new kinds of health services at public health care prices. We provide you with the same services as the public health care centres. You can change your health centre once a year and if you repeatedly stay longer periods of time in a certain area, you can also select a secondary health centre the services of which you are entitled to use as well. The period of one year is not fixed if you move far away from your selected health centre.

Family members can also be customers of different health centres. Children are not automatically moved with their parents.

Also those who primarily use occupational health care services can – and are advised to – register at a health centre, because occupational health care can provide only the services included in the occupational health care agreement. Registering at a health centre does not affect your occupational health care.

If you select a health centre outside your home municipality, please note that the following services are moved to the new municipality, as well:

  • physician and nurse services of the health centre
  • distribution of treatment equipment
  • health counselling, health examinations, certificates and screenings
  • health guidance services
  • oral health care services
  • medicinal rehabilitation and equipment services, rehabilitation counselling
  • mental health and substance abuse services
  • short-term inpatient treatment

More detailed registration information is available on the municipality-specific pages.

Welcome as the customer of a new kind of health centre!