X-ray services

X-ray examinations are prescribed by a physician

X-ray examinations require a referral from your physician.

Basic X-ray examinations are based on radiation and thus X-ray examinations must not be performed unless they are necessary. For example pain in the lower back is a common problem and usually X-ray examination is not necessary, unless the patient has some other specific symptoms or unless the pain has started suddenly as a result of an accident, for example. More information on back pain.

You can have basic examinations, such as bone, lung and dental imaging, in all HUS Medical Imaging Centres without making an appointment.

Perustutkimuksissa eli luusto-, keuhko- ja hammaskuvauksissa voit käydä kaikissa Hus-kuvantamisen toimipisteissä ilman ajanvarausta.

Certain examinations, such as ultrasound scans and mammography, must be booked in advance.

Read also the patient instructions for preparing for certain imaging examinations.